February 2021


Joachim is well underway with the new design of our updated website. We have some wireframes and structure already in place, and Anders is doing the final copy writing. We hope to present the new site before Easter (this year).


Better stability! Marten and Thomas have been working hard over the last few weeks to improve the stability for users. If, for example, there is poor mobile coverage or some other poor network coverage issue during the execution of an event, it’s possible that the Guide may briefly loses the connection to the backend. This would results in an outages for users, who must then must reload the connection themselves. However, now we have made it possible for the visitor frontend to detect if the connection has been disconnected and to reload the connection to the server automatically.


While we are far into the process of building version 1 of our Guide app, that hasn’t stopped us from planning version 2. Joachim and Anders have been working on the flows and wireframe, and most the required changes have been designed. Remaining is the “Settings” screen, which still needs to be planned and designed. This part, we will save for a few weeks, as there are other important design tasks that are currently more pressing.


I need better logging! It has long been a desire of ours to be able to see better logs from our users when something goes wrong. Marten has now implemented a better logging system that shows in more detail what happens on the user side when they experience a problems. At the same time, we have implemented a better “Do you need help?” screen, where users can indicate what problems they may be experiencing, e.g. a lack of sound or lack of image from the back/front camera. Together, this allows us to respond more quickly to errors that our users and their users may be experiencing